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Alpha is for Strength

 There are moments in life that call for determination, that unstoppable energy to push through. There are also the moments that call for leadership, the ability to take charge. Luckily, Mother Nature's there to lend a hand.

Empower Your Life

The Zoi Organic Alpha blend is here to empower everyday living. Alpha offers a helping hand when it's time to take action. We've handpicked a selection of organic essential oils with a mix of aroma compounds that support each other for a synergistic effect. To stay strong, focused & confident.

Alpha is also the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It is derived from an ancient Phoenician symbol that stood for ‘leader’ or 'ox.' Alpha is what leads us forward, combining the strength and stamina of leadership. Fittingly, the numeric value of the Greek letter is also '1'.

What's in Alpha?

The Alpha blend is a combination of peppermint, rosemary and orange with a pinch of black pepper thrown in for a kick on an unfaltering foundation of cedarwood.


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