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The Birth of Zoi

Zoi Organic was born to bring the subtle power of natural scents into the modern home. Our collection of organic essential oils, blends & ultrasonic diffusers is designed to make everyday life that little bit more beautiful.

So, what is Zoi Organic?

Well, we're all about mornings uplifted by the brightness of bergamot, gym sessions powered up by perky peppermint, brainpower boosted by the sharpness of rosemary. The woody aroma of cedar trees to ease into meditation, the scent of purple lavender fields to drift off to sleep...the options are many.

Our Varietal Series is built on organic essential oils from around the world. Our Alphabet Series brings the varietals together in blends that prove the sum can be greater than its parts. And our diffusers that deliver it all. Zoi Organic was born to add a touch of fragrance into everyday life, with essential oils and other products fit for the modern home.

What's in an essential oil, we hear you say…

An essential oil is called 'essential' because it contains the ‘essence’ of a plant’s fragrance. That's the dictionary take, anyway. Moving on from there, we're pretty keen on the fact that many of the tiny molecules found in essential oils are scientifically proven to have more health benefits that we've been able to count.

When it comes to essential oils, the purity of ingredients matters. Our entire range of oils comes from certified organic growers because we believe in a symbiotic way of life. People care for plants, plants care for people. From Morocco to Madagascar, from Italy to Spain. 

The Story of Scents

There's little doubt that in life it's the little luxuries that count: children’s laughter, a lover’s touch; the kindness of strangers, the strength of a smile. We're here because we want to add our little something into the mix. The power of scents that can make everyday life that little bit more beautiful. We're hardly the first ones though: Han Dynasty's Shennong was a fan, as were the Ancient Greeks. In the world of scents, there are many stories to unfold. 

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