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Cleaning with essential oils

The global pandemic has sent us all into a cleaning frenzy. So what are the options if you'd like to limit exposure to toxic chemicals? Vinegar, vodka & essential oil can come to the rescue as all-natural cleansing agents - with the added bonus of natural scent that may just brighten the mood too!

Hand Disinfectant

Many essential oils have been researched for their ability to tackle viruses, bacteria and fungi. For a homemade hand disinfectant, mix an essential oil of your choice with rubbing alcohol (or vodka) and water. Aim for approximately 50% alcohol content with approximately 1-2% of essential oil.


Ancient Romans swore by lavender for its purifying properties. Spray lavender oil mixed with water onto your drying laundry to harness lavender essential oil’s antimicrobial properties. To make an ironing spray, mix 10ml of rubbing alcohol with 20 drops of lavender oil in an empty spray bottle, then top up with water.


Most floors can be cleaned with a mix of half-half water and white vinegar with several drops of essential oil added into the mix to amp up the purifying properties - and to add a lovely natural scent. Pine is particularly suited for wooden floors.


Fill an empty spray bottle with approximately ½ white vinegar and ¼ rubbing alcohol, then top up with 10-20 drops of essential oil. Voila, shiny windows that naturally repel insects too. For best results, choose a clear consistency essential oil such as pine, lavender or bergamot. 


Add a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle with water. Shake vigorously and spray on the carpet. The scent will refresh the carpet, but the action of the simple concoction goes a little further – because many essential oils are anti-microbial, you’ll also be stepping on carpets with fewer germs.


Essential oils have also been studied for their ability to stop the spread of mould. It makes plenty of common sense: because plants have lived side by side with mould for eons on our planet, they have had plenty of time to develop ways to deter the small intruders. Lemongrass and the Delta blend contain natural ingredients that have been shown to fight household mould when diffused or applied topically. 




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