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Delta is for Growth

Life is constantly in motion. When something ends, something else begins. Whenever the seasons change, new opportunities arise. The seeds of change are all around us. Welcome the possibility of growth.  

Invigorating Delta

The Delta blend of essential oils is designed to embrace change. Whether it's to support personal growth or to choose a whole new direction in life, Delta's got it covered. We've hand-picked a predominantly green selection of all-organic essential oils to create this invigorating blend.

Delta is also the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. In mathematics, delta stands for ‘change of any changeable quantity’. There can be no growth if there is no change. Put another way, growth always equals change. The Greek letter is an upwards pointing triangle, symbolising growth from a steady base. 

What's in Delta?

The Delta blend is characterised by the green notes of basil, thyme, lemongrass and pine, while coriander seed adds a promise of possibility, supported by the steadiness of cedarwood. 


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