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Iota is for Joy

Children's laughter, a songbird on your window cill, or how about the sight of pink roses in bloom? The feelings of joy often stem from small but priceless things. Open up for the irresistible lightness of being.

Joie de Vivre in a Bottle

The Zoi Organic Iota blend is formulated to create an uplifting effect. If ever there was a way to bottle up some joie de vivre, this would be our go at it. We've hand-picked a vibrant selection of all-organic essential oils with their mix of aroma compounds that create a synergistic effect.

Iota is also the ninth letter in the Greek alphabet. The letter is derived from an ancient Phoenician pictograph of a raised arm. The symbol can therefore be seen as representing upwards movement and elevation. Iota is what powers the trees to grow, the flowers to bloom. 

What's in Iota?

The Iota blend is a combination of sparkling bergamot, zesty grapefruit and the weightless feel of pine needles reaching for the sky, with a pinch of pink pepper for a boost.

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