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Lambda is for Chilling Out

A relaxing night in, restful sleep, Sunday mornings with a cup of tea... Is there anything more sweet than the moments of letting go, kicking back and being at ease? Breathing in, breathing out, being at peace. 

Wavelengths & Liberation

The Zoi Organic Lambda blend is formulated for deep relaxation. We've hand-picked a selection of all-organic essential oils with their unique mix of complex aroma compounds to create a synergistic, relaxing effect. 

Lambda is also the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is used as a symbol of wavelength is science, including in cosmology where it represents the energy density of space. Symbolically speaking, the curved shape represents weightlessness and a sense of liberation. 

What's in Lambda?

The Lambda blend is a combination of two different types of lavender, tranquil May Chang and deeply-rooted patchouli, supported by the steady strength of cedarwood.

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