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Theta is for Comfort

When it rains, it pours, they say. But come rain or shine, is there anything that a hug wouldn't cure? Knowing that you're safe, beloved and OK – just where you are. Cocooned in the nest of nurturing warmth.

Find Your Comfort Zone

The Zoi Organic Theta is a blend that's designed to create a sense of being safe and nurtured. We've hand-picked a selection of organic essential oils with a mix of nurturing aroma compounds to create a synergistic comforting effect in any time or place. 

Theta is also the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet. It is derived from an ancient Egyptian symbol for the sun. Interestingly, the brainwaves that occur in meditation are also called Theta. 

What's in Theta?

Our Theta blend is a combination of warm orange, soft cinnamon, nurturing rose geranium and majestic cedarwood, with a pinch of aromatic clove. 


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