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Zoi London

Mornings uplifted by the brightness of bergamot, gym sessions powered up by the perkiness of peppermint, working days sharpened up by rosemary...or how about the scent of purple lavender fields to drift off to sleep? 

I'm Jo, founder of Zoi London, and the above are some of the things that inspired me to start this journey while I was studying towards my Aromatherapy Diploma. Life was pretty stressful, being a newly divorced single mum with a career to put back on track. I started experimenting with essential oils to make life a bit more balanced. I guess I was looking for new experiences and joy. Soon enough, friends would be asking what that 'perfume' was. And so I began making blends.

From the start, it was clear to me that I wanted to only work with organic ingredients. Having grown up in Finland, surrounded by forests and the sea, being close to nature is very important to me. Now living in central London, maintaining that connection is even more important. Organic essential oils capture the essence of each plant's fragrance, as well as the story of the place where the tree, flower or herb was grown. I also find that organic oils are just somehow more vibrant!

Oils aside, I'm an Ayurvedic yoga massage practitioner and editor. And a proud mum of two amazing little people. I love to use the oils to shift my focus and to support the health of the whole family. There's a diffuser in nearly every room and certain oils are a ritual at given times of the day (hello bedtime Lambda!).

I hope you'll enjoy the collection. Please get in touch to learn more about custom-made products like body oils, pillow sprays and rollerball perfumes.

Love & Light,