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Organic Pink Pepper (10ml)
Organic Pink Pepper (10ml)
Organic Pink Pepper (10ml)
Organic Pink Pepper (10ml)

Organic Pink Pepper (10ml)

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Pink Pepper essential oil is the softer, sweeter & zestier version of its black counterpart, known for its stimulating properties

The aroma of Pink Pepper is zesty with fruity undertones. Think of the scent lingering out of a pepper grinder full of brightly pink peppercorns while cooking Sunday brunch – only more intense. The benefits of pink pepper oil include its stimulating properties. The monoterpenols found in pink pepper oil may assist with respiratory discomforts while the oil's dry nature may also reduce water retention.

How to use

Pink pepper works well in the diffuser to lift the ambience 

Diffuse into the air to fight persistent respiratory discomforts

Place a few drops on your hands and inhale to ease coughing

Mix with a carrier oil for a stimulating massage

Mix with a body lotion to promote muscle recovery

Did you know? Pink pepper is native to South America, where the Inca civilisations used it for medicinal purposes and to create zesty beverages.  


Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Expectorant, Stimulant

Helps with

Sluggishness; Bronchitis; Poor circulation; Muscle soreness; Water retention


Practice caution with use on sensitive skin, patch test for 12h


  • Pink Pepper essential oil (Schinus Terebinthifolia)
  • Certified organic
  • 10 ml


Sourced from certified organic growers in Madagascar