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Organic Sweet Orange (10ml)
Organic Sweet Orange (10ml)
Organic Sweet Orange (10ml)
Organic Sweet Orange (10ml)

Organic Sweet Orange (10ml)

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Sweet Orange essential oil is vibrant, immune-boosting & energising – just like the colour orange that even gets its name from this citrusy dynamo.

The aroma of Sweet Orange is sweet, fruity and uplifting. Think of freshly squeezed orange juice – but more intense! The oil's scent much more intense than the juice's because it is made of the rind of the fruit. Orange essential oil benefits include its stimulating properties on the mind; the vibrant citrus scent will add a dose of energy to a slow morning or any other moment that calls for a bit of brightness. But there's more. For example, the limonene present in orange oil has been studied for its immune-boosting properties. It has also been used to improve skin conditions such as dark spots thanks to the oil's naturally hefty vitamin c content. 

Did you know? Sweet Orange essential oil sometimes called the oil of abundance – especially in China, where the word 'orange' even sounds similar to the Mandarin (!) word for 'wealth'


Antidepressant, antiseptic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory. Helps to uplift low mood and fight the common cold; also useful against blemishes and water retention. Blends well with most other oils to lend a dose of energy to any mix. 

How to use

Diffuse into their air for a dose of energy 

Diffuse to purify air

Place a few drops on your hands and inhale for an energising effect

Mix with a carrier oil for a stimulating massage

Apply on blemishes to lighten dark spots

Mix with water and a splash of white wine vinegar for a freshly scented cleaning spray


  • Sweet Orange essential oil (Citrus Sinensis)
  • Certified organic
  • 10 ml


Sourced from certified organic growers in Florida